"My Saturn has returned," she announced when teasing her upcoming album, Deeper Well, in February.

"I think there's a confidence that comes with aging," Musgraves shares during a conversation with World Cafe. "Knowing that it's okay to decline opportunities. It leaves more space for the things that truly matter."

On the album's acoustic ambiance:"I have a deep affection for acoustic instruments. Their warm, organic sounds resonate with me. I knew this record would differ in that aspect. With Star-Crossed, it had a sharper edge—it was a

n finding answers in nature:"I recently came across a quote that resonated with me: 'The ultimate wealth is being in tune with the cosmic flow.' It's about aligning oneself with the laws of nature and truly listening. If something

On the influence of Paul Stamets and the documentary Fantastic Fungi:"Paul Stamets, a mycologist, is a personal hero of mine. He advocates for plant therapy and

On "Cardinal," her tribute to John Prine:"Many believe cardinals are spiritual messengers from the afterlife. John Prine, a dear friend, shared this belief, saying his mother's spirit embodied a cardinal. After his passing due to COVID, I

cardinal visited daily, gazing into my window. Lights flickered, and mysterious packages arrived. These experiences inspired 'Cardinal' and prompted me to wonder if he was sending a message from the beyond."

Kacey Musgraves has expressed that her feet are firmly grounded on the earth, while she seeks clarity by gazing up at the stars.